by A Blackbird en Route

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These songs are entirely about my cat.


released May 8, 2015

Demos recorded and mixed by Ryan Palma, songs composed by Weston Wrzesinski and A Blackbird En Route.



all rights reserved


A Blackbird en Route Mesa, Arizona

A Blackbird en Route is a math rock project started in Seattle, Washington by Weston Wrzesinski and Mike Igano.

Currently consisting of:

And whoever else wants to write some cool music with us.
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Track Name: Filwepfoth
It's so surreal that so far
You're the nature of a lonely apartment
And over a fireplace
You're the trail of smoke
From every moment I've let burn
Begging for some altered movement
(Your eyes show me not, but the truth)
Climbing through a hole in the ceiling
(This empty mass, this black hole)
Denying that it was ever for anything
(Was it really for the broken hearts and wasted memories,)
You're letting emotion run high
(I left so high?)

Not one care in the world
Once the sun and the ocean collide
Love that was never meant
The hands that will never touch again

Your existence in my life was merely that of a burden
Which I gladly pass off to him

How obscene and what a dynamic
It's funny how you think you've got to ride out this storm
No, it was never the point to endure, or to grow tougher
Just to stop the rain

Love as deep as the ocean floors
As far as the endless sky
Lost like a black hole
Receiving energy and creating anew.
Let your energy shine as bright as the sun
Thoughts dance like the ebb and flow of an oceans current
Move through the motions as the moon pulls you in
Refreshed and renewed
Feel your roots connect back into the earth, letting intuition speak
Knowing what you're worth

I'd be surprised to hear
That you were truly listening
That you are truly doing
All the things you said you'd do
Like learn to be alone
Track Name: American Idle
If you can't trust yourself
Then how do you expect to trust anyone else?
See, we're lifeless, caught in comfort
While slowly filling up the bed with cold sweat

So long, fear of being alone
Hello, strength for weakness

Another long night and a tired morning, yet no lack of motivation
Though once my face leaves the pillow, I stumble around
Everyone seems so mellow with their feet on solid ground
But this floating sensation is turning me on
Guess its been there all along
And I miss nothing about you

Blanket rope out the window
Escape the bedroom
Sincerely hope it reaches the ground
We'll find out soon
Maybe a sudden leap right now would be good for you
Won't leave that doorway lit up
If you find yourself passing back through

Calmly opening the way for change is hardly the pace
There's so many things that we say, when really it all ends the same
So if you go out, will you love today?
And promise me it's not just a phase?
Track Name: Catnip
Through all that's been said
How can you feel so lonely?
With a name like that
I guess I understand
Fuck it

Sweeping aside and scared of outside
Ignoring the cries for help
Seems you'd rather die
You just hate me because you hate yourself
So attracted to bliss
Yet making it worthless
We've only scratched the surface
Don't ask me to close my eyes
Pretending to care is living a lie
Maybe it's the distance
That's rendering me sick
But burning all these bridges
Won't help us reach the other side
Practice what you preach

As if it were law
To let compassion flow
Instead of trying to find
The meaning in it all

Selfless composite
The way my veins pulse with your every movement
Your planned out and proper
As manifestation of influence
You just sound cocky
In the sentiment for the glass house you grew up in

Measuring the time between each breath that you take to realize it's in the past

So wear your heart on your sleeve,
As if to remind you it's who you used to be
While your slipping away
I've got my foot in another door.

Your words of endearment in letters,
always riddled, glued, stuck to the pages
Nothing you write will ever mean a thing to me.